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Jean-Pierre Desmarais


Filmmaker, director and producer

After a career as a projectionist, Jean-Pierre in 2006 obtained his diploma in Media Technology and film sets O’Sullivan College of Montreal. He picks thereafter functions Unit Manager on two projects in Quebec before continuing his career at Universal Pictures as an assistant physical special effects technician on THE MUMMY 3. Jean-Pierre directed and produced in 2010, THE BENCH, which is selected in four festivals and is the Pan-Canadian Tour with FRIC which he became the executive director in 2013. His second short film S.W.I.T.C.H. is selected in the five round festivals and won two awards at SWFF 2012 and is awarded by the FICFA PRICE LA VAGUE – PEOPLE CHOISE AWARD. Today, Jean-Pierre transmits his passion for students in Schools of New Brunswick with five projects in the education sector, acts as director of CinéRelève and continues his career as a filmmaker to achieve new film projects.

Our Portfolio


2012 – Following a set of long and hard negotiations between the people of Saturn and three astronauts sent out on mission, the ice blocks needed to «Terraform» Mars can finally be retrieved.

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2012 – This fantastical comedy carries us into the world of the imaginary and possibilities.

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HOMERIZON 2011 “3D Tour”

2011 – HOMERIZON invents and does things differently. We create innovation and promote a new era in the world of housing!

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2010 – Our First Indie Short Film Project

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