Our Services

Corporate / Commercial

  • Commercial video
  • Photography
  • Web capsules
  • Historical documentary
  • Production, postproduction
  • Virtual special effects (CGI)
  • Event DVD


  • Screen test
  • Video documentary
  • Stills photography
  • Short films
  • Feature films
  • Documentary
  • Pre-production, production, postproduction
  • Visual effects (green screen/blue screen)
  • Virtual special effects (CGI)
  • Atmospherical special effects
  • Physical and mechanical special effects
  • DC current FX props
  • Generator operator (12-120 volts)
  • Helicoptor tour

Our Portfolio


2012 – Following a set of long and hard negotiations between the people of Saturn and three astronauts sent out on mission, the ice blocks needed to «Terraform» Mars can finally be retrieved.

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2012 – This fantastical comedy carries us into the world of the imaginary and possibilities.

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HOMERIZON 2011 “3D Tour”

2011 – HOMERIZON invents and does things differently. We create innovation and promote a new era in the world of housing!

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2010 – Our First Indie Short Film Project

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