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2011 - Corporate Video / Video Production

HOMERIZON is a society that has the objective of conceptualizing, developing and promoting it’s housing concepts, totally innovative by it’s design plan, with the addition of being self-sufficient and off the grid. It’s particular and stylish forms allow the reusable energy systems to be perfectly integrated on their structures. These innovative housing facilities demonstrate the actual and future evolution in the domains of integration, management and consumption of green energy.

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2012 – Following a set of long and hard negotiations between the people of Saturn and three astronauts sent out on mission, the ice blocks needed to «Terraform» Mars can finally be retrieved.

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2012 – This fantastical comedy carries us into the world of the imaginary and possibilities.

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HOMERIZON 2011 “3D Tour”

2011 – HOMERIZON invents and does things differently. We create innovation and promote a new era in the world of housing!

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2010 – Our First Indie Short Film Project

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